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IIT Alumni Canada & City of Markham Presented "IITAC Lecture Series – Spring Event 2017" on Saturday May 06, 2017 at  Transportation Hall-Markham Museum "Located in a beautiful, green and picturesque surrounding" at 9350 Hwy. 48 (Markham Rd.), Markham, ON, L3P 3J3

Theme was: "The Green Sustainable Environment" and Featured Speakers

Dr Madhav Khandekar, former Environment Canada scientist, Topic: "Other side of Global Warming"

Graham Seaman, Director of Sustainability and Asset Management, City of Markham, Topic: “Green Tech”

Surinder Sharma, President, www.powersavingsystems.com, Topic: “Climate Change is a Reality“

The event was attended by over 80 persons including His Worship Mayor of Markham Frank Scarpitti. The the event yesterday went very well. Have opposing views on the Global warming / climate change issue was also appreciated. The Q&A session was handled rather well by the moderator, inspite of the occasional 'debate' between the panelists and one from audience. The audience listened to the speakers and the speakers answered their questions the best they could in the time allotted. The food was excellent and on time 

The AV was marvellous - it never failed. The wireless mikes worked flawlessly - thanks again to Roshan and Ashraf.

Presenting saplings for planting to the speakers was great

The venue was excellent - it was large, everybody could see and hear without difficulty even when the mikes were not used.

The chair setting was perfect. The help from the museum staff looked after our every need promptly.

All in all - another good show by the IITAC!

Memento presented by City of Markham and some memories are as below:






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