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IITAC Open House organised to create an opportunity to:

  • build relationships and friendships
  • bring together Mentors and Mentees so that they can interact and have fruitful discussions.
  • network and network and network...

The meeting was held on: March 26th, 2017 (Sunday) from 10 AM to 2PM at SIMPLY DELICIOUS, 7850 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON

The Open House was well attended by over 85 persons including 3 HR Specialists who gave excellent insight on the Job search. We are sure the attendees were or will be benefited with the knowledge the HR Specialists gave. They were also willing to help the members on guidance and job search on one-to-one basis. Also, a very good advise was given by Bibhu Mohanti, an IITAC member and former Director as below:

This has to do with the issue of acquiring additional academic training. Anyone coming from India (or elsewhere) is judged in the Canadian market place as an 'unknown', simply because a prospective employer here has no way of knowing the true capabilities of the candidate. More importantly, having a IIT degree gives him/her no particular advantage, simply because the great majority of employers (outside the Academia) have no idea of the true merit of a IITian.

One sure way of overcoming this handicap is to try to obtain a 'Canadian' degree. That can be done on a full time basis (for a M.Sc degree) or a part-time basis (for a M.Eng. degree). It will take about 2 years to get either of these degrees, but in the end it is worth the time and the money. (The average time for a Ph.D. is 5 years full-time beyond the Masters, but one need not do a Ph.D. to get into the job market).

It is relatively easy for a IITian to be accepted to our Graduate schools here, because of the IIT brand. In addition, the top Universities like the University of Toronto will guarantee full financial package to ALL graduate students accepted into their M.Sc and Ph.D. programs (but NOT M.Eng. programs) in Science and Engineering (the minimum stipend is ~$3k per month, which should meet all tuition and living expenses of the candidate).

Besides, the HR Specialists, a big thank to Mr Hira Ahuja who extended scholarship to IIT Alumni studying full-time at University of Waterloo. We really appreciate this kind gesture of Mr Ahuja

Some memories of the event:






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