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IITAC Lecture series -Fall 2017

Organized by IIT Alumni Canada & City of Brampton

Venue: City Hall Saturday Sept 23, 2017

Theme: Exponential Technologies & Healthcare/ Life Sciences

Featured Speakers:

  • ·        Dr. Alison Symington –Genomics Research
  • ·        Amit Marai –Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
  • ·        Dave Tipler – Point Cloud Modelling & Healthcare 
  • ·        Ankit Sarvaiya – Drones & Healthcare

Alok Sinha President of IITAC introduced Her Worship Mayor Linda Jeffrey City of Brampton to the delegates. Mayor Jeffrey welcomed the delegates & briefly outlined the need for such collaboration for community development.

Dr. Alison’s illustrious Research career in drug formulation has been spread over several years particularly in research of Genomics. She was introduced by Martin Bohl –Sector Manager Health & Life Sciences, Economic Development, City of Brampton. 

In her speech, Dr. Alison spoke of connection between patient’s individual DNA characteristics & effectiveness of prescribed drug. While drugs for prolonged illness like Hypertension, Dementia, and Alzheimer diseases have undergone enormous improvement in formulations etc., it is still the individual DNA characteristics determines the effectiveness & acceptance of these drugs with many patients. In fact, even prolonged use of DNA unrelated drugs will never get absorbed in the body or bring intended relief to the patient. This has been an established fact now with many patients worldwide. She cited many examples & data to support her conclusion. DNA Analysis presently is costly in Canada. However, hopeful Dr. Alison thinks that single specific disease related DNA testing & effectiveness of prescribed drug model can be established very economically in Canada with 5-6years time span.

Prof Amit Marai from Durham College was introduced by our Vibha Tyagi-Director IITAC.

With few brilliant examples Prof Marai explained various applications of AI algorithm   to the delegates in very simple & easily understandable way. 

Applications are as below:

  • ·        Mining medical Records-data management
  • ·        Assisting repetitive jobs
  • ·        Design Treatment plans
  • ·        Getting the most out of in-person & on-line consultations
  • ·        Health Assistance & Medication management
  • ·        Drug Creation
  • ·        Precision medicine etc.

Dave Tipler & Ankit Sarvaiya were introduced by Vishwas Dhekney Director IITAC.

Dave & Ankit made joint presentation with Dave touched upon 3D Laser Mapping and Point Cloud Modelling. Ankit’s presentation included application of Drones in providing Medical Services to the needy in areas devastated by Natural calamities. Other areas of application included Mining, Land Surveys, and Large Building & Real Estate Survey etc.  His presentation aroused high enthusiasm among the delegates due to exhibit of two actual drones.

The number of participants exceeded 100 including participants by Friends of IITAC & City of Brampton.  The Q & A session was lively.

Refreshment was served which was enjoyed by attendees.

Martin from City of Brampton & Ashraf Ali –VP IITAC jointly thanked the delegates for attending another successful Lecture event organized by IITAC.  

Some memories are as below:





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